Tips for getting your dog to work

With many dog ​​owners set to return to their offices from today, Dogs Trust, an Irish dog welfare charity, are offering their top tips for keeping your fellow canines happy.

As part of its Dog Friendly Ireland initiative, Dogs Trust hopes to see more workplaces for employees to bring their dogs to work, if needed.

Ciara Byrne, Communications Manager at Dogs Trust Ireland explains: “So many people have become dog owners during the pandemic, and we believe that the more workplaces that welcome dogs, the more dogs will stay at home, and we can hopefully avoid another wave. rebate requests.

“A lot of people think having a dog nearby can increase productivity and teamwork and what better way to combat back-to-work fears than having the comfort of your four-legged friend with you?” “

She said owning a pet has been linked to a number of positive health benefits, some of which include fewer visits to the doctor, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and increased health. better heart health, which means the potential for healthier and happier employees.

They have a number of ways to create a space that will be safe and secure for dogs, while also making sure humans and dogs are happy and comfortable.

Some of their tips include:

  1. Make sure your coworkers are happy that you are bringing a dog.
  2. Have something to chew on for each dog, preferably something that doesn’t squeak.
  3. Make sure each dog has an object in the house that they know to help them settle in, such as a blanket bed.
  4. Make sure all dogs are toilet trained, that you go out regularly for bathroom breaks, and that there are a good supply of poop bags available.
  5. Make sure there are no doors that dogs can easily escape through.
  6. Make sure your dog is confident around strangers and will enjoy working with you.
  7. Use a buddy system so that a trusted colleague can watch your dog if you need to go out temporarily.
  8. Make sure dogs always have a supply of fresh water where people cannot trip over them.
  9. If there is more than one dog in the workplace, a short walk together before the workday is encouraged as a good way to introduce them.
  10. Dogs will need a safe space to lie down, near their owners, away from busy areas of the workplace, so they can rest peacefully.

Ms Byrne added: “We understand that it’s not possible to bring all dogs to work, some may not like it and some workplaces may not be suitable. For those dog owners, we recommend taking your dog for a walk before going to work, interrupting their day by coming home for lunch, or asking a friend or dog walker if not. Not possible.

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