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Personal loans for disabled people: rare but possible

There are some loan solutions dedicated to disabled people, but in most cases these are not easy to obtain loans, or in any case following a fairly long and complex process. Therefore, if there is a certain urgency, it is better to inquire in advance at the bank about the “real” times foreseen for the provision of the requested sum.

However, these are generally financed, as they are provided to allow the purchase of means necessary for the disabled (or even just for their use). This category includes the same means or instruments for which a deduction with a tax rate of 19 per cent is also included in the tax return.

Benefits of loans dedicated to the disabled

Benefits of loans dedicated to the disabled

The first aspect, and also the most important, is linked to the “advantageous” conditions linked to the provision of these loans. However, some ‘advantageous conditions’ apply exclusively to the absence of charges and incidental expenses, or the free subscription of loan insurance to protect themselves in case the economic situation should escalate.

Only some banks in the advantages include the application of lower interest rates than the average applied to other customers.

Characteristics of funding for disabled people

Characteristics of funding for disabled people

Generally banks present a fairly diversified offer, even if there are common characteristics that can be summarized in:

  • Maximum financeable amount equal to 30 thousand USD;
  • duration of the average loan equal to 60 installments;
  • concessions of different nature (subsidized rates, absence of accessory costs, mix of these, etc.).

Since this is a proposal addressed to a well-defined type of clientele, it is not possible to obtain online estimates, but it is mandatory to go to the branches of the banks that provide them, and this is undoubtedly the most obvious negative aspect.

Examples of banks that provide soft loans

  • Among the banks there is the Bank Mole which provides both a subsidized rate and the absence of preliminary investigation fees. Maximum sum paid of 30 thousand USD.
  • Another bank that offers loans for the disabled is Veneto Banca with its Aurora loan for the purchase of medical equipment and various aids.
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