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August is the last moment to go on vacation with children before the start of the school year, or to start completing school kits. The end of summer also means lower ticket prices and last-minute foreign holidays. We can regret passing this opportunity throughout the year. Do you lack cash? Check out the latest installment loans ranking for August 2019, in which you may find the perfect offer for yourself. Installment Harrison wins installment loans ranking!

The Harrison Installment offer invariably raises the monthly online loan rankings. There is a reason. The company enjoys an exceptionally good reputation among customers and the loan terms are very attractive. At Harrison, we borrow from 1,000 to 10,000 PLN, which we can pay back for up to 3 to 24 months. This will allow us to adjust the repayment schedule to our current expenses. In Harrison, we can also count on a relatively low installment, from just PLN 81 per month.

If you are going to use the services of the company for the first time, you can count on a loan of up to 6,000 PLN for 18 months. We confirm the identity through Instantor and without a penny transfer, and if we have good credit standing, Harrison will not verify the amount of our salary with the employer. What does it mean? We’ll get a loan to your account in a few minutes, and you can submit the application yourself sitting comfortably on the beach!


Research and then Request a short term installment loan online

Online installment loans at Happy Pockets are considered one of the best on the market. They are characterized primarily by a large range of amounts – from 1000 to 15.000 PLN for regular customers and up to 10,000 PLN for new ones. If, with the first loan, we decide to pay only PLN 3,000 and return it within 30 days, the APRC of the liability will be 0%. just like free payday loans. Are you afraid that a month to pay is not enough? You will be able to return the cash according to the repayment schedule used for installment loans. There, however, the loan period can be from 4 to 48 months.

Persons without a bank account have a chance to take advantage of our offer. In this case, we navigate here and submit the application for ashort term installment loan online and we will be able to collect the money. The solution is especially convenient for people who prefer to use cash. At lower amounts, the lender does not require an income certificate.


Minimum formalities and maximum benefits at Faneda

Minimum formalities and maximum benefits at Faneda

Faneda has been a strong player on the loan market for some time. The website provides installment loans in the amount of PLN 2,000 to 12,000, and the repayment period is between 12 and 48 months. Interestingly, the website itself suggests the loan parameters to us, which can be seen when using the sliders on the main page of the portal.

Loans are granted for any purpose and acceptance of the application does not require attaching a salary certificate. We can pay the commitment by a classic bank transfer or by connecting your payment card, which will reduce the likelihood of delays and increase the chances of funding being granted. The money will be transferred to our account by express transfer, so we will not have to wait for booking in accordance with ELIXIR session hours.


Easy Loan – simple application and trouble-free repayment

The task of Easy Loan is to make it easier for us to find the perfect loan. All we have to do is submit one online application and the algorithm presents us with the best loan offer on the market. This method of borrowing maximizes our chances of getting cash, regardless of our credit history. We can borrow a lot, from 500 to 20,000 PLN, which we can pay back within 2 to 48 months.

Typically, the amounts available to new borrowers are lower than the maximum, but not in Easy Loan. Here, every customer is treated the same, and only the assessment of creditworthiness and the ability to settle obligations on time is relevant. Installments can be repaid as conveniently as by us – by bank transfer, at the post office or at the Agency of Fees.


Smile in August with HappyFace Credit

The company name Hapipredit obliges – customers must be satisfied. That is why the lender is constantly developing its offer. We can currently get a loan in the amount of PLN 800 to 25,000! The repayment time is classic from 3 to 48 months, but we pay the first installment only 2 months after receiving the cash. Additionally, we can choose which day of the month we want to settle tranches of liabilities.

If more expenses await us, we can take advantage of “repayment holidays” and suspend debt settlement for a month. Confirmation of identity takes place over the phone, so even people who have never used online loans can cope with the loan procedure.


How to increase the chance of accepting a loan application?

All loan companies have one thing in common and it is easy to apply for additional cash. If we want to take a loan online, it will take us only a few minutes to complete all formalities! Although loans are known for their high granting, not every application is accepted. Fortunately, there are several ways that greatly increase our chances of instant cash injection. First of all, we must ensure creditworthiness. To this end, it is worth reducing the account limits and closing unnecessary credit cards and also consolidating the debt if we have several loans open. The immediate difference will also be the removal of outdated data about us from BIK and KRD.

People with an exceptionally good credit history should check our August cash loan ranking, in which we present the most interesting bank loan offers. However, if you only need a small amount, it’s worth looking at the ranking of payday loans granted by trusted non-bank companies. Remember that the lower the amount of the commitment and the shorter the repayment time, the less accurate customer verification. Many borrowers grant loans even to indebted persons, who unfortunately cannot count on the support of banks.


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